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2017-05-29, 12:26

How to Grow Ginger Root in Your Apartment Garden

Growing Ginger isn't as Mysterious as You May Think!

Ginger Root Eye Bud

This is my Ginger plant after planting a couple of months ago. I waited a long time until I saw anything forming from the root. I almost threw it away and decided not to. Gardening definitely teaches patience! 

1. You need fresh ginger root from your local nursery or grocery store. Preferably one with a few fingers.

2. The fingers are where the plant starts to form. Cut horizontally between the fingers. 

3. Soak the ginger root overnight 

4. Fill a wide pot with soil, ginger root grows horizontally. Loose soil works best. My pot is too narrow, but I only placed one eye bud. 

5. Plant the 'finger' or multiple of them (if you have a rather large container) pointing up in the soil. Do not cover all the way. 

Ginger takes about 10 months to mature. Best time to plant is in spring. It doesn't tolerate frost. I keep mine inside and will transfer outside when it reaches summer temperatures.  

When its ready to harvest just gently lift the plant from the soil and break off some ginger, you can  even put it back to replant if you don't need all the ginger at once.

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