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2017-05-29, 15:21

Kill Fungus Gnats - Cinnamon/Chamomile Tea Water

Banana flys, fungus gnats, whatever little bugs flying around my apartment need to go. Apparently, they live in the first layer of soil and then multiply like crazy. 

I don't really now how I got them.  It was like one day I didn't have the problem and the next day there were a million little gnats near my indoor gardening area, fresh seedling, etc. 

I'm pretty sure I bought a bad bag of soil if that's possible because it was around the same time I started a new group of seeds with a fresh bag of soil. 

I'm all for trying out the organic method before any drastic measures need to be taken. 

I already tried spraying with neem oil and soap water, which hasn't helped with this problem, but does work for mite issues. I have also tried making traps with apple cider vinegar and soap water, but they didn't go for it. 

So, I read that you can mix cinnamon and chamomile tea water (both are anti-fungals) and water the soil of all your indoor plants. The cinnamon can burn leaves so be cautious. Don't just put cinnamon on the top of soil, it needs to get integrated into all the soil. 

We'll see if it works! If it doesn't then my plants smell like cinnamon now. Winking

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