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2017-05-26, 21:07

Some Beginner Tips for Apartment Gardening

I thought I would share a couple of tips to think about before you start your apartment garden. 

1. Start small. 

You don't want to be over ambitious and spend a bunch of money on your garden only to find out that you either don't enjoy gardening, or don't have time for it. Also, there are unfortunate limits with gardening in an apartment, so you have to be practical. Growing pumpkins isn't really an option (although if you've done it I would like to know how!) Straight faced

2. Think about how much you are willing to invest (time, space, and money) in your hobby.

You can have a small affordable herb garden, or you can spend money on artificial lighting and extensive equipment. Either way is great, but its something to think about before starting your gardening journey. Another difficult task is figuring out where all the plants are going to go. You may have to compromise with your space or get crafty with some vertical gardening containers.

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