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2017-05-27, 22:33

Apartment Garden/Jungle Video

I love this girl's apartment! I think my boyfriend and flatmate would mind though, the cats would love it, on the other hand.

Her Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is really amazing! 

"It's hard to walk into a plant shop without wanting to buy a plant." Haha, I can definitely relate! 

I think its pretty cool that she plays music for her plants. 

What do you think of her jungle apartment?

2017-05-28, 08:57

She must spend a considerable amount of time caring for all those plants. :-) Cool to see though. I wonder what will happen if she decides to move.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2017-05-28, 11:34

Haha, I was wondering the same. She says she only takes half hour a day to take care of them but I'm sure its more.

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