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2017-05-26, 09:03

Toxic house plant for pets - Alocasia 'Polly'

I went to Plantagen (the plant nursery) yesterday to buy some things for my garden. I noticed this really cool looking plant that was on sale so I bought it. 

Alocasia 'Polly' - Amazonsköld på svenska

After I brought it home I noticed my cats were, of course, really interested in it. I decided to look up to find out if it was toxic for pets, and sure enough, it is! 

So just a warning to anyone who has curious animals who like to bite plants.  I will be keeping in my office and away from the cats. 

I also found out that they are pretty hard to take care of. This plant thrives in humidity and warm temperates as its from the Amazon. It doesn't do well in direct sunlight, but prefers to be near a window with indirect sunlight. The soil needs to be kept moist. 

Spider mites love to live under the big leaves so it should be sprayed with a solution. I use a mixture of neem oil, water and soap, in a spray bottle to spray my other plants every three days that are prone to spider mite issues. Hopefully I can keep this little plant alive! Tongue

Does anyone have experience with keeping this plant happy?

2017-05-28, 16:41

I don't have any experience with that plant but I do have experience with plant-eating cats… Laughing out loud

2017-05-28, 17:47

Oh I was going to make a post about that! haha I have had so much trouble with my cats and the plants. They definitely don't mix well together. I even bought cat insurance because when I adopted Louis, the lady was like, "cats often get hurt my pots falling on them." I was like oh yeah, we need insurance. Laughing out loud

2017-05-28, 21:28

#2 Is it unusual to have cat insurance where you live? Everyone I know in person has a cat insurance, and me too Cat

2017-05-28, 21:40

I live in Stockholm, but I think its pretty common in the US, where I'm from, too. 🙂 We were going to get insurance with our first cat but time went on and we forgot. Then we finally did get it a few months later when we adopted the second cat because the lady working at the cat shelter brought it up.

2017-05-28, 22:13

Okay! I live in Stockholm too, my cats are from Stockholms Katthem (Stockholm Catshelter) and they had an insurance (all their cats do) so we just took over it 🙂

2017-05-28, 22:22

That's also where we adopted Louis!  That's what we must have done took it over then added Maja as well. 🙂

2017-05-29, 07:22
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