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2017-05-29, 14:42

I'm Growing a Banana Tree in My Apartment

Alright, so the past few times I've been to the plant nursery near my apartment I saw them selling Dwarf Cavendish Banana trees. I admired them but never thought about actually buying one until recently (as in today). Laughing out loud Impulsive plant shopper alert! I just went out and bought one.

 They are fairly inexpensive and yet, gorgeous plants. I also read that they are not harmful for cats to consume, so thats a plus. One less plant that has to go into my office.

I'm going to document every few weeks how fast mine grows, how much water and extra lighting it may need.

2017-05-29, 19:44

So excited to get to watch the progress of your apartment banana tree! I never knew they could be grown indoor.

Happy creating!


Host of Paints and Crafts

2017-05-29, 19:47

Dwarf Cavendish banana

Heres a picture of it after I planted it into a terracotta pot! Its about 2.5 feet tall. 

They grow to about 10 ft or more so yeah are definitely not intended to be grown in an apartment. But, I think it will look nice.

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