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2017-05-30, 09:16

Best green plants for bachelors

I'm not a bachelor. The heading is just to put you in the right mindset. :-) What green plants are most resilient and suitable for people who are really bad flower keepers? Plants that are okay if they have to live through draughts, floods, darkness and verbal abuse. Preferably plants that are not too small. Any suggestions?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2017-05-30, 09:37

Some of the easiest house plants are Jade, Snake plants,and Rubber Plant.

Philodendron or the easier name Heartleaf, and the similar plant called Pothos,  is the easiest and most common house plant which is very tolerate to low light, and infrequent watering. 

Ferns are extremely easy to take care of in here Sweden as they require really low light, just have to make sure to spray it and keep it wet.

Cactus are easy as well, they rarely need water and as long as they are next to a window they are good. 

I can make a post at a later time with images. Winking

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