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How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Your Apartment

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Sweet Potato Plants Grow Beautiful Vines, & They Are Perfect For Growing Indoors!

Sweet Potatoes make great indoor plants. 

If you have a Sweet Potato from the grocery store that has started growing slips, don't throw it away! 

I've had my sweet potatoes growing in front of my kitchen window for a couple months now and it just starting forming a vine. Sweet Potatoes grow pretty slow, taking half a year for the plant to be ready to harvest once its slips have been transferred to a container. What is really neat about Sweet potato plants, is that the leaves of the vine are edible for humans. 

The Animal Poison Control Center has listed this plant as toxic to cats, dogs and horses. My cats aren't interested in the plant, but I still keep it out of their reach, just in case. Regular Potato plant leaves are poisonous to humans and animals. 

How to grow the Sweet Potato plant: 

  1. Cut the potato in half, stick three toothpicks in the sides of each half, and stick them in glasses of water, just enough so that the potato touches the water. 

  2. Put in a sunny window. Change the water every couple days. 

  3. Once slips form (the vine that you can see growing with leaves), remove them from the potato and set in a glass of water for roots to form. 

  4. Plant three slips in a pot at least 45cm in diameter with well draining soil. Cover roots with soil but leave slip uncovered. Put near a sunny window, or on a balcony. 

  5. Fertilize weekly, and water to keep the soil moist, but not drenched. 

  6. As the vines grow, Support them with trellis, or something similar. 

  7. The plant takes 4 to 5 months under sunny and warm conditions. If you are growing the plant during the winter, it will take longer to mature.

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Interesting. My oldest granddaughter and her husband gave me a little plant yesterday. I hope I can take good care of it.

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