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2017-06-22, 12:24

Air Plants

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Does anyone have any experience with Air Plants? 

I'm considering getting one to put into a terrarium. Or mounting it on the wall somehow. I really like the one in the photos. Its called Tillandsia Xerographica.

I've read that you just need to soak them once a month for 30 minutes, and then let it dry. Then put it in indirect sun. Sounds pretty easy!

2017-06-23, 06:33

They are super easy and there are so many different kinds. However, for someone like me they are super easy to totally forget about soaking them in water once a month….:(

Happy creating!


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2017-06-23, 14:06

Oh no! Did all of yours die? 

They only sell really small air plants at the local nursery. I'm going to look online for one of these bigger ones.

2018-04-04, 15:11

Did you ever come across any other bigger air plants? I am also thinking about buying one.

All the best, Leia

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