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2017-06-23, 14:19

Zucchini Plant Fail

I started growing zucchini plants from seed indoors a couple months ago. Unfortunately, I didn't know that zucchini plants do not transfer well. I started with 4 zucchini plants in small containers. Only one looked like it had a chance of  survival. I put that one into a larger container, and set it only the balcony. 

I figured it would die as well. So I just tossed two seeds into the container, because I thought why not! Even though its pretty late to start going a zucchini plant from seed, I really want to grow  some zucchinis. I watered it once two weeks ago and totally forgot about it! Its on the top shelf, above my head on the balcony. Two days ago I noticed a little bit of green popping out from the container. 

I was so excited!!! The other one died, as you can see in the photo. We'll see how it goes with this lil guy. Laughing out loud

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