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2017-07-03, 11:59

My Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs Help

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Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are are one of my  favourite house plants. The only thing is that we have a love/hate relationship. I love them. They hate me! Laughing out loud This poor plant has gone through many ups and downs with me. Just when I feel like I've figured out how to care for it, its leaves will turn brown, they fall off and/or it gets infested with spider mites. I don't know if I give it too much water, or not enough. I don't know if its getting enough sunlight. 

Its most recent problem is that both of my fiddle leaf fig plants get spotty brown leaves. From what I have read, this is an indication that it has a spider mite problem. Spraying it every three days with neem oil water seems to fix that issue. 

I went on vacation for three weeks during this last winter time. I left my boyfriend to attend to the plants. When I got back my fiddle fig had lost all of its leaves! Crying

It took until only recently for it to start growing its leaves back. This is the second time this happened to this same plant (last summer I asked my flatmate to take care of my plants, and she forgot to water this one). 

This time its leaves aren't growing back on its stem but rather its just growing a bunch of little babies! Okay, it has a couple leaves forming on the top but, that is also just a little baby one. 

Do I just let it be and keep trying to keep it happy this way? Or should I try to propagate the babies and have several little fiddle fig plants?


2017-07-03, 19:55

I dont know about fig trees but some trees grow branches if you make small cuts in the stems. The leaves of your fig is very beautiful.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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