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2017-07-12, 10:08

Best Bang For Your Buck Green House Plants

In an earlier post about how to grow your Apartment Jungle on a Budget, I was asked  which plants give you the most green for your money. 

Philodendron plants are the best and easiest plants to take care of. Philodendron plants have multiple variations including the common houseplants; Sweetheart vine and Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese plant - Split leaf philodendron). The variations are either a climbing variety (vine) or of a non-climbing variety. The plants need moderate sunlight, and they will tell you exactly what they need if you look for the clues. This plant is very easy to propagate, meaning you can easily clip off parts and stick in water to grow another plant. The image above it a more rare philodendron type. I bought a similar one on an online auction. 

Philodendron Pedatum

Palm trees of all varieties are great for adding green to a room. They are easy to grow, needing moderate sun and well draining soil. Personally, my favourite is the coconut palm tree. The leaves look very elegant. 

Young Coconut Palm Tree

Alocasia are unique plants with many varieties including Alocasia Polly and Alocasia Portodora (Elephant Ear). The plants need moderate indirect sunlight, warm temperature and humidity. 

Alocasia Elephant Ear

Ficus house plants are great plants that can be easily grown if you know how to take care of them. It has been taking some time and effort to care for my ficus plants, but other people have a very easy time growing them. Some varieties are the Ficus Elastica, Ficus Lyrata, and the Ficus Benjamina. These plants need regular watering, moderate sunlight and a sustained amount of humidity. 

Ficus Elastica Robust

Jade Plant is super easy to grow and propagate. They need moderate to mild sunlight and well draining soil. 

Jade Plant

Peace Lily needs moderate to low sunlight. Easy to take care of. 

Peace Lily

Ferns are easy and don't complain much as long as you have a sustained amount of humidity and indirect sunlight. Easy to propagate. I live near a forest and dug up a small fern (only one leaf). I don't go around stealing plants often, haha. I just wanted to see if it would grow indoors. Now its been a year later, and I have a huge fern growing in my office. 

Sheffelera plants need high humidity and sunlight. They can grow very large and beautiful. 


Strelizia Regiae (Birds of Paradise) need full sunlight to grow their beautiful flowers and high humidity. They can get huge and they are easy to propagate.  

Bird of Paradise

2017-07-12, 11:27

Good idea getting the fern in nature. Considering how big it got you probably added more greens to the world than you took. :-)

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2017-07-12, 18:39

That is a good point 🙂

2017-07-13, 23:41

I always admire the ferns outside, interesting it survived indoors. Is the fern on the photography yours?🙂

2017-07-14, 09:48

No I got that off the internet. Here is a photo of the smaller fern that I took from the larger one. The larger fern is too hard to reach to take a photo of because it is hanging and I am short. Laughing out loud

2017-07-15, 09:06

#4 Nice! What soil did you use? :)

2017-07-15, 15:03

I don't remember exactly but it was one with mulch to retain the moisture.

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