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2017-07-20, 13:14

How to Package Plant Cuttings for Shipping

I like to trade and purchase plant cuttings. I'm going to share with you some of my experience with packing plant cuttings.

Here in Sweden, it takes about two days for a package to be shipped within the country. So it is best to ship in the beginning of the week so that they don't sit at the post office over the weekend. 

How to Package Plant Cuttings:

  1. Take the cutting with its roots and wrap them in a damp paper towel. 
  2. Wrap plastic wrap or a plastic bag around the damp paper. Make sure not to pack the roots too tightly or it will be hard for the person receiving the package to successfully unravel the paper and plastic without damaging the plant. 
  3. If the plants have large stems like the ones in the photos then you can put cardboard from a toilet paper roll around the stems. 
  4. Extra bubble wrap and packing paper is good to use to Support the plant during the transport. 
  5. Find boxes, or padded envelopes to pack the cutting in. 
  6. Take the package to your nearest post office for advice on stamps, and shipping costs, and send it on its way!
2017-07-20, 17:16

… and make no cats slip into the box. Smart to send at beginning of week instead of end. I wouldn't have thought of that.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2017-07-20, 17:33

Lol yeah Maja loves to sit in or on boxes that are too small for her. Its a struggle to keep her from destroying the box before I get to use it!

Yes it is definitely better to send in the beginning of the week. Regardless, you shouldn't run into any problems. This morning I finally received a package of plants that I bought from the Netherlands. Both the sender and Postnord made mistakes. The plants had been sitting at Postnord's main office for two whole weeks. In total they were sitting in a box (very poorly packaged) for 20 days. They are actually still looking pretty decent considering all of that, haha.

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