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2017-07-26, 11:31

Growing Herbs Indoors vs. Outdoors?

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I've tried growing different herbs both indoors and outdoors. I've realised that they are much easier to grow on the balcony with natural sunlight than growing indoors with artificial light.  Of course, growing herbs indoors is my only option during the winter time. 

Here's why its a bit easier to grow them outdoors during the spring/summer time: 

  • Natural sunlight is superior to artificial light. 
  • They don't become as prone to pests and disease as they are when they are grown indoors. That is because of the stagnant air in our homes and apartments. 
  • Herbs need much more attention when they are grown indoors, since they are prone to disease and pests, you have to be more cautious with their water needs. 
  • My outdoor herbs are much more hardy. I often kinda forget about them for a few days. They are always happy as long as they have water. 
  • Herb seeds Germinate much  faster outdoors in natural sunlight. 
  • Rosemary and oregano thrive in dry climates. They do so much better outside during the summer time. They are pretty hard to keep happy in my apartment which has too high of a humidity for them. 

Do you like growing your herbs indoors or outdoors? 

Here are a couple photos of my current little seedlings.

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