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2017-05-28, 20:04

Colourful Flowers from Seeds

I planted a bag of mixed colourful flower seeds in my balcony hanging container. I can't believe the seedlings have already started to sprout. Its only been 2 days!!! Cant wait to see how they are going to look! Flower

2017-07-26, 11:44

Its been 2 months since I planted the mixed bag of colourful flowers. They are starting to bloom! 

I'm surprised they are still growing. One of my cats got excited because a bird got through the net and onto the balcony. My cat thought she could jump on the hanging flower container to catch the bird, haha. She is too fat so everything came falling down and it was a huge mess. I tried my best to put everything back into the container. A few of them died but they still look pretty good.

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