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2017-08-08, 15:30

Plant Entrepreneurship "The Sill"

The Sill is a New York based plant shop that offers plant interior design services. They deliver plants nationwide right to your doorstep.  

Since I adore The Sill's Instagram feed, I've been reading up on how it became such a thriving plant business. 

Forbes has an article "Eliza Blank's The Sill Brings Outside Plants Inside And Has Cultivated Google And WeWork As Clients", featuring business owner Eliza Blank, the founder of The Sill. She raised 12,000 US dollars on Kickstarter in order to start her business. Eliza has a professional background as a brand strategist. I think she definitely created the perfect green brand. 

In the Forbes article, Elisa Blank states that:

 “The concept for a consumer facing 'plant brand' was something I began toying with while still just an intern at Wolff Olins. As a Brand Strategist my work was focused on identifying opportunities for clients in spaces where macro trends and micro problems overlapped. At the time, ‘green’ was gaining a ton of momentum and I realized that my craving for adding plants back into my life was part of a larger shared experience. ‘I want more green in my life’ was macro, ‘I don't have a trusted resource for houseplants in the city’ was micro. The Sill seemed like a brand that could solve for both with one simple truth: Plants make people happy.” 

2017-08-08, 15:54

12000 USD doesn't sound like much. Do you know when that was?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2017-08-08, 16:02

I know, amazing right? I suppose the most costly thing would be the inventory and grow lights in the beginning. And of course the rent for the store location must be expensive but these kinds of businesses often begin online before a store location is found. The brand was created in 2012 and the store opened 2014. They definitely know how to use social media to grow their brand.🙂 It's inspiring!

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2017-08-08, 16:08


Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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