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2017-08-14 14:43

Pilea Libanensis -- Plant of the Week 33

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Otherwise known as "Pilea Glauco" or "Greyzy" or "Silver Sprinkles"

Pilea Libanesis is a trailing plant native to Cuba. This flowering plant grows trailing reddish orange stems with delicate greyish green blue  leaves. This plant grows well in hanging containers both outdoors and indoors. Its a charming easy to grow house plant. 

How to care for Pilea Libanesis: 

  • Put in bright indirect sunlight. Tolerates some shade but does not tolerate full sun. 
  • Water once soil is completely dry. 
  • Does well in 50% to 70% humidity. 
  • Does better in warm temperatures above 12 degrees Celsius. 
  • Pinch back stems when needed. 
  • Repot every 3 years. 
  • Plant in a shallow pot with soil of your choice. 
  • I recommend a soil mixed with mulch or perlite to make sure the soil does not become too dense.
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