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2017-12-18, 21:40

Growing a Mini Christmas Tree in your Apartment

It can be difficult to find space for a full size Christmas tree in an apartment, especially if you have cats. Here's an easy and cute solution!

Instead of buying a Christmas tree this year, I decided to decorate a small Norfolk Island Pine (Rumsgran)! I set it on a high stool in order to prevent the cats from climbing and destroying the tree. Laughing out loud

I found some small wooden ornaments from a thrift store and a mini strand of battery powered LED lights which fit the tree perfectly! 

Do you have any suggestions to make my mini Christmas tree even cuter? 🙂

2017-12-19, 05:19

Of course, You can made small decorations of prp (ironing beads). Take a look at my beatuful christmas tree. Laughing

2017-12-19, 05:25

You can make small balls of other beads.

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

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2017-12-19, 11:51

So clever Emo! I would like to make the balls, can you explain how to? :)

2017-12-22, 12:19

If you have a doll house you can make a little christmas tree

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

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