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2018-01-10, 10:08

Monkey Mask - Plant of the Week: 1

Philodendron Monstera Obliqua "Monkey Mask"

Running a bit late on my Plant of the Week articles! Better late than never though, right? Winking

Monster Obliquas, otherwise known as Monkey Masks, are really easy to care for! This plant is a philodendron, and like all other philodendrons, they are one of the most beautiful and easiest plants to keep happy. That is why they are easily my favorite! They are also so simple to propagate, just cut off a piece where a root  has sprouted and stick it in some water. You can have these grow as a trailing plant or train them to grow on a stake. 

How to care for Monkey Mask:

Water: Regularly

Humidity: A bit higher than normal home humidity - 50-60%. You can maintain this by having a humidifier running or by spraying your plant with water. 

Fertilise: Monthly 

Sun: Sunny or partly sunny. Never direct sunlight.

2018-01-10, 17:56

I had never heard it called Monkey Mask. I like that name!

Happy creating!


Host of Paints and Crafts

2018-01-10, 20:21

Haha yeah it is a cute name! : )

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