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2018-01-21, 16:32

Ficus Benjamina -- Plant of the Week 3

Also called "Weeping-fig"

The first big plant I ever bought was my Ficus Benjamina. Shortly after I brought it to my old apartment, I moved to my new apartment. Unfortunately, when I moved it was during the middle of winter and the moving trucks back door was wide open for about 30 minutes while we were loading the couches, leaving my Benjamina exposed to negative temperatures. It lost all of its leaves and I thought it was dead. I cut the tree halfway down and decided to keep watering to see what would happen. Sure enough it grew back! Now I have a lovely (very short) Benjamina! 

One of my cats loves to play with its leaves, so I always have to sweep up the leaves off the floor. Laughing out loud

How to care for Ficus Benjamina:

Water: Regularly

Humidity: Higher than normal room humidity, it needs 60% to 70%.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight. 

Fertilise: Monthly in growing season (April to September).

2018-01-21, 20:43

It looks like our largest plant. It’s almost 2 meter high.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-01-21, 20:55

I just read that the leaves of weeping fig are poisonous to cats and dogs. Is that true?

Happy creating!


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2018-01-21, 21:14

I'm not sure Tammie. Maja just likes to bat the leaves with her paws but she doesn't eat them. I just read now that the sap can cause irritation to humans and other animals.

2018-01-21, 21:14

Niklas, that's great! You should upload a picture of it🙂.

2018-01-21, 23:30

Perhaps in the summer when we refurnish. Then it will be fullt visible again. :-)

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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