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2018-01-13, 13:31

Heartleaf Philodendron-- Plant of the Week 2

"Philodendron Cordatum"

Heartleaf Philodendron is easily another one of my favourite plants! They are really common house plants since they survive in low light, and are super easy to keep alive. As with other Philodendrons, they are simple to propagate, just take a cutting and place its end in water until roots grow. 

I have multiple of these plants now, and I was able to give away several cuttings as gifts to friends since they grow so fast! 

How to care for Heartleafs: 

Light: They survive in low light but grow faster in more light. Avoid direct sunlight. 

Water: Regularly. 

Humidity: Average home humidity is fine. However, they thrive in higher humidity. 

Fertilise: Monthly.

2018-02-19, 04:13

I love how dark green these plants are. It such a pretty green.

Happy creating!


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