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2018-03-09, 13:48

How to Prepare for Spring Apartment Gardening

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Spring is here!That means its time to start sowing seeds indoors, and preparing your balcony for the next coming months.

I am looking forward to start growing fruits and vegetables on my balcony again this year. SunFlower

Last year, I didn't end up harvesting as much as I wanted due to a mite infestation which ruined my tomato and lettuce plants. That means that this year I need to prevent this from happening again. 

I have decided to plant different plants this year for a couple of reasons:

1. I need to keep in mind that my balcony doesn't receive as much sunlight as I would like. I didn't receive enough sunlight on my balcony for the tomatoes which could be one reason that they attracted mites so easily. 

2. I am travelling back to the states in the end of the summer, and I would like to grow vegetables and fruits that are fast growing, so that I can harvest them before I leave. 

How to start your spring garden preparation:

1. Find information about your region, things you need to keep in mind when planning your garden is the last frost date and how length of the duration of the warm season. I use

2. Depending on that information, you can plan which plants you would like to grow and when. Think about how much gardening space you have, and how much sunlight the gardening space will get. 

3. Make a gardening calendar with the dates you need to sow seeds indoors, when to transfer those outdoors and which seeds you can sow directly outdoors. 

4. Buy supplies, such as soil, seeds, containers, fertiliser, and pesticides. Make sure you have the right containers for the type of fruits and vegetables you are growing.

5. Organise and clean your balcony in order to have optimal gardening space.

2018-03-10, 14:28

Is it mainly the sun that made the tomatoes not grow or would it have been enough if it was warmer?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-03-10, 14:32

I think because there was not enough sun it made them prone to disease and pests, so then they got a mite infestation. Straight faced 

Not exactly sure about the warmth… It's mainly that my balcony is facing in the opposite direction from the sun, so it is mainly shaded except for 2 hours in the afternoon, in the summer.

2018-03-10, 15:00

Aha. Then a couple of degrees warmer probably wouldn't have helped.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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