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2018-03-28, 21:41

Orchid care

My recent orchid purchase! Any growing tips? I have never been able to keep them alive.

2018-03-29, 08:52

I either pour some water into the pot or just rinse it sometimes, maybe once a week or every second week. If the roots looks grey I water, if they are green no need for water. I use regular tap water (I got very soft water) and never any nutrients. My oldest one is 5 years old so I don't have a superlong orchid career. they tend to bloom once to twice a year at my home and I used to keep them in a north east window. Moved them to  a south west window and testing how that will work with some curtain shading Laughing

2018-03-31, 00:14

Great info, thank you! I never thought about looking at the root color. Ill keep that in mind☺️

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