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2018-03-24, 22:10

My spring/summer balcony garden plan

I've been trying to figure out exactly what I would like to grow on my balcony this year, and I think I have decided.

Im going to grow green beans, various flowers (shown in the photo), zucchini, and raspberries. I might also try to grow chard or kale. 

My plan is to: 

  1.  Sow the flower seeds, green bean seeds, and the zucchini seeds outside in the beginning of May. 

  2.  Sow seeds of chard indoors and bring them out in April. 

  3.  Plant summer raspberry in the end of may. 

  4.  Sow seeds of herbs outside in end of may. 

 What about you guys? Any plans yet?

2018-03-26, 12:00

My wife and son sowed grass in a porcelain bowl yesterday. It’s for putting little Easter chicken in next weekend. He waters it diligently with a spray bottle. Other than that they also talked about sowing flowers in a corner of the garden to aid our local bees.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-03-26, 13:42

I plan on sugar snaps, radishes, spinach, cucumber, strawberries and a few herbs like chives, basil and very temped to get tarragon! With the tarragon I need to figure out where and how to store it during winter because I am afraid it would die out on the balcony. Might end up in dads garage Laughing

I had some marigold last year, so that balcony box is empty so far for this year. Am thinking of maybe buying some flowers just for beauty, but we will see what I figure out 🙂

2018-03-30, 16:27

#2 Sounds amazing! I have always wanted to grow radish 🙂 I grew radish sprouts a few times and they were super yummy on sandwiches. You'll have to share photos of your garden in the future! Laughing

2018-03-30, 16:28

#1 Very cool Niklas! Thumbs up

2018-03-30, 21:32

#3 For sure! Just need to wait for the ice and snow to disappear, and some plus degrees to come around so I can get started.

2018-03-31, 00:02

#5 Cannot wait for the summer weather! 😊

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