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2018-04-13, 02:50

What kind of Cactus is this?

I purchased this cactus with out knowing the name of it. It is really cute and goes well with my other plants Laughing

2018-04-13, 09:04

Great photo! Are you a photographer? Looks very professional 😁📸 I am not so knowledgable about cacti, I dont buy them anymore because I kill them 🙈🤣

2018-04-18, 20:58

Thank you! I am not but I do use a Sony A6000. Oh nooo I've learned they thrive on neglect and also appreciate being put outside in the sun ever so often Sun

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2018-04-22, 18:55

#2 Cool 😄 Feel free to add more photos of your lovely plants!

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