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2018-07-19, 21:50

Plant Showers

Recently I have been noticing my plants are really lackluster. I have been watering them regularly and wiping there leaves regularly but they still seemed unhappy. I finally decided to give my plants a shower and also leave them in the bathroom for a couple days ( Its very bright and most of my houseplants are tropical so I figure the steam may Help and BOOM, my plants are back to life, springy and very happy. 

Do you have any tips to keep my plants all happy? And what is your take on rearranging them from room to room?


2018-07-20, 12:38

In the summer when it gets hot the air tends to be much more dry, which is something most houseplants don't like. They thrive in humidity, which is why your plants got happier after the shower. Spraying your plants only brings the humidity levels up around your plant for a very brief amount of time (20 min), whereas they would appreciate humidity all the time. You could purchase a home humidifier to keep the humidity levels up in your home. I purchased one and a little device that tells me the temperature and humidity levels in my home and I tend to keep my humidity levels at 60% all year long. Wave

I am constantly moving my plants around from room to room! My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy lol. Laughing out loud

2018-07-25, 17:36

I would love to get a humidifier, the air is VERY dry right now, this 105 degree heat doesn't Help at all! I ended up moving the floor plants out of the house because I couldn't keep up on watering inside.

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