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2018-08-28, 12:57

Coleus are easily one of fav plants!

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Coleus are really easy to grow! If a branch falls off just simply put in water and without fail, it will grow roots and you’ll have another little plant. They come in a huge variety of colors and grow super fast, so they are rewarding to care for. Their colors even change according to how much light they are given. How neat is that?! Here are a few photos of mine! They are also easy to get your hands on and inexpensive as well. Do you have any? Which kind of coleus is your favorite? I love China Rose, which is the big pink one, and watermelon, which is the pink and green one.

2018-08-28, 18:17

Nice. I don't have any just now. I had some times ago and like them.

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2018-08-28, 18:18

I love the colors on this plant very beautiful

2018-08-28, 21:35

I love the China rose one!

All the best, Leia

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2018-08-30, 06:41

Beautiful! I need to get one of these! Or more!

Happy creating!


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