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2018-10-01, 21:33

Advice for a Bonsai Tree?

So I'm looking to buy a bonsai tree for me to look after in my bedroom. I found this one on Amazon, which looks pretty good. What advice would you give to someone who is a complete beginner with plants?

2018-10-02, 10:13

Wow, I can't answer your question, but I got curious about buying a tree from Amazon. I wonder how they package them to survive the travel. It looks so fragile.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-10-02, 22:07

I don't think it is directly sold by Amazon, but rather a company named Bonsai2u. I would hope that they know what they are doing Laughing Thanks anyway!

2018-10-07, 12:38

It is pretty common to buy and sell plants on Amazon, as well as sites, such as Ebay. Laughing

I am afraid I have never cared for a Bonsai tree so I can't Help you with any advice. 

Here are some tips I found online: Bonsai tree care for Beginners - Everything you need to know

"Here are some tips on how to care for your bonsai:

Water your bonsai!
You may think this is a no-brainer, but the bonsai has very specific watering requirements. Approximately once a week or so (when the topsoil feels completely dry) immerse the entire bonsai plant in a bucket or basin of water. Once the air bubbles have risen to the top, the bonsai has absorbed enough water.

Humidity is also an important consideration for the health of the bonsai. All ProFlowers bonsais come with humidity trays and bag of pebbles. The humidity tray is unwrapped by the recipient, covered with the provided pebbles, and then the pebbles are covered with a little water. This will increase the humidity level for the tree, in addition to protecting the desk or table surface on which it is placed.

**Where to put the bonsai
**The bonsai brings a natural and peaceful feel to any living space. Since it’s not technically a plant, but a tree, it makes a unique and enchanting addition to a room or outdoor space. Just make sure it gets plenty of direct sunlight, so place it either outside or indoors near a window.

Since the bonsai is known for its tranquility, we like the idea of placing it in an office space. Dad or a coworker would love a bonsai to spruce up their workplace. According to ProFlowers Director of Merchandise, Megan Matanzo, “The jade bonsai is a fairly easy indoor bonsai choice,
and does well in an office environment.”

**Prune your bonsai
**First, take a deep breath. One of the greatest attractions of a bonsai is the calming effect of simply trimming this miniature tree. The goal with pruning is to maintain its shape as it grows. Plus, cleaning up the top growth ensures growth elsewhere on the plant.

Use bonsai clippers (not scissors!) to remove any dead branches. Then decide which branches to trim in order to maintain the desired design. Bonsai pruning is considered an art form, which is why this little tree makes such a great gift for creative friends. Matanzo says, “The more you learn about the art, the more interesting the bonsai can be—many find the art of bonsai very meditative and great for stress-reduction.”

**The right bonsai soil
**Not just any soil will do for your bonsai. The goal is to find a soil that drains quickly, but still manages to retain its water. It also needs to contain small particles to ensure proper aeration, allowing oxygen to reach the roots. Luckily, we’ve done some research for you!

There are specialty soils on the market made just for bonsais (the easy route), or you can mix your own(if you’re feeling ambitious). It is also imperative to add fertilizer to your soil during growth season (typically early spring to mid fall)."

2018-10-08, 11:25

”The goal is to find a soil that drains quickly, but still manages to retain its water.”

Isn’t that a strange contradiction?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-10-08, 13:17

No, it just means that it needs a soil similar to orchids. Something that retains humidity but also doesnt rot the roots and leaves room for the should to breathe.

2018-10-09, 00:41

#3 Okay thank you! Hopefully it goes well for me 🙂

2018-10-20, 19:44

Jordan have you bought it yet? Post a picture when you get it!

Happy creating!


Host of Paints and Crafts

2018-10-22, 23:01

#7 I plan on getting it this week! There was a great opportunity to get one last week, as our university had a garden sale, but it would have been too inconvenient!

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