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2019-04-10, 15:57

What are your favorite summer bulbs?

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I bought some Dahlia bulbs, which I am looking forward to planting. I only did one because I ran out of soil. I think my pots are a bit too small for them - I am planting one bulb per medium pot. But I figure that’s what size pot they are in if you were to buy it from the store after they have bloomed so must be ok. I love Dahlias! I think they are my favorite 😊

2019-04-11, 10:20

Wow, they sure look cool on those photos! I wish you success on growing them! Are they difficult? Is this an outdoor plant?

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2019-04-15, 21:44

This is an outdoor plant. I planted them in my Dad’s backyard last year and as long as he watered them, they grew easily. It grew huge flowers! Let’s hope my balcony gets enough sun for them 😊

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