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2019-06-10, 10:40

Instructions for Houseplant Sitter

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I’m unexpectedly traveling to the US for a month. Then I’ll be back for less than 48 hours in July. And immediately travel to Germany for my internship until the end of August. My boyfriend will be watching the plants. And when he is traveling for 2 weeks, our friend will come by and care for the plants and cats. 🐈🌿🐈 Last summer, it was so hot and because I was away and not able to care for the plants, the apartment got infested with thrips. All the plants were covered with them and several plants died. It took up until a couple weeks ago for me to get a grip on how to manage the thrips. I also see a couple on specific plants now. And I check those plants everyday and the rest every week for thrips. I use a couple chemical bug sprays. And soapy water to manage the bugs. My boyfriend asked me to make individual not cards for every plant in the apartment 😅. It took a couple hours to make but I hope they Help him with caring for the plants. I also bought a roll up sun blocking curtain for the big window in the living room because that is the main source of heat in the summer. And linen curtains for the kitchen windows, which only get indirect sunlight but because we get so much sun in the winter, it will Help them. ☀️

2019-06-10, 14:15

I love your plant collection In love This is a fab idea!

All the best, Leia

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2019-06-11, 10:41

Wow, I don’t envy them. 😀 Make sure to leave the phone number for an on-duty botanist. Number all plants and make a schedule where they can tick a box for everything they do for every plant. That will Help you in the post-summer plant audit. You could make a business out of those signs. Sell them both to people going traveling and to all of us who forget how flowers should be cared for.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2019-06-11, 19:34

Oh that’s a good call Niklas. I already left though so next time! 😂😅 I think it would be a good idea. Its a little plant and environment specific though. But it could be something to develop for the future 🙂

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