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2021-07-19, 11:29

Beautiful sunflower and bumble bee

I stopped by Kafé sjöstugan in Brunnsviken, Stockholm to go tanning on the dock. I don’t normally go tanning but I have a holiday in Spain in a few weeks and I have some horrible tan lines from biking 😂 They are always growing flowers there. Here is a beautiful sunflower they grew. 🌻🐝

2021-07-19, 18:57

Brunnsviken is a very nice place. You can walk or bicycle around it, rent a kayak and paddle or visit one of the attractions surrounding the water.

There’s the old castle ruin at Hagaparken, the butterfly house, the shark aquarium, Stallmästaregården restaurant, several cafés and other restaurants, Bergianska botanical garden, the former house of hit television series Bäst i test (Task Master) and the Swedish crown princess family lives there. Or you can visit one of the beaches, have an ice cream or picnic in one of the many parks. There also is a hill from which you have a nice view of Stockholm. Originally the hill was a garbage dump. I once heard there have been a peach tree in one of its slopes, the result of someone throwing away a peach core. Anyone familiar with Sweden knows that peach trees are not among the usual garden plants.

If I remember correctly, it takes about three hours to walk around Brunnsviken if you don’t get stuck at a café on the way. I think it’s just over 15 kilometers.

Brunnsviken also is a part of the world’s first National City Park:

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-07-20, 12:52

It is a beautiful area! I’ve walked around it a few times and even jogged around it once. I still havent visited the butterfly house, but it is on my lost of things to do.

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