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2021-07-12, 13:13

Deciding on a large pot for Fiddle Fig tree

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I was at the store trying to decide which pot to buy for a plant in my office. I ended up buying the white one. It was supposed to go in my new home office with my variegated Monstera on a white stool. I took it home and realized the white on white didn’t look how imagined it would. It ended up looking great with my Fiddle Fig tree however 😆 And I just repotted the Monstera into a smaller clay pot because the one it was in was far too large. I’m glad I didn’t get the grey one, I thought it looked good in the store, but looking at it now it wouldn’t have gone with with my apartment.

2021-07-19, 19:24

The white pot looked good. 

Do you ever use self-watering pots?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-07-20, 12:50
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