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2021-07-26, 20:44

Summer garden harvest

I was wondering if anyone has had any really good summer garden harvests yet. 😁 I’m not growing much on my balcony this year. Last year, I had pretty good luck with strawberries but they took up quite a bit of space for relatively few berries. I’m letting my raspberry bush grow, although it is unlikely to produce fruit this year. Besides that I have flowers and some herbs (which are very happy). What are you growing this year?

2021-07-30, 19:23

I got around 300g of strawberries per day for a week before I went on vacation and my friend later picked 2 litres at my house about a week and a half later.

And at our summerhouse we have loads of wild blueberries (made two pies with over 2 litres of berries and the kids have picked a lot of berries every day and there is still a lot left) and also a lot of wild raspberries this year.

The blackberries are on there way but don't know if they get ready before we are going home.

Last year we had a lot of dewberries but they are really few this year.

So over all it has been a really good berry year.

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