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2020-08-20, 13:32

August Raspberry Bush

So I bought a raspberry bush a while ago and it's supposed to produce berries in August. The plant is huge now, growing up towards my neighbours balcony (so much for a compact balcony plant lol). But I haven't seen any berries growing yet. I fertilise it weekly and it gets loads of sun. My boyfriend thinks that maybe it won't get berries this year but maybe next year. Confused

2020-08-21, 13:27

Not all of our raspberry bushes had berries the first year either. I think one we got early in the season did. I guess it hasn’t flowered either then? The berries start to grow right after the flowers have withered. Another plant you could try is blackberries. They are so tasty. Once they start to get berries, it gets a lot of them.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-08-21, 14:00

Okay. I’ll have to wait a year most likely! There are no flowers yet.

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