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2021-01-12, 13:44

Early ‘spring’ cleaning

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I submitted my Master’s thesis this past Thursday so I have a bit of down time before the defense seminar on Friday. I decided to do a deep ‘spring’ cleaning. I cleaned all the windows (the inside and out including the inner window panes). I took off most of the curtains to brighten up the apartment. This winter has felt so dull and dark since there hasn’t been too much snow, until recently. With the snow fall over the past few days plus the clean windows, the apartment feels so bright and airy. I also cleaned up the window sills and gave away some plants and pots. I even took out one of the shelves on the balcony so there is more room. We are moving sometime this year so I’m trying to downsize things slowly and organize everything so it will be easier for that move. All the propagation for my plants are all stuffed in the office now because it’s not that nice to look at. 😆 I can’t wait to sell all of those cuttings in spring.

2021-01-12, 15:33

Btw I got this mirror for free. It has some discoloration on the glass so I will likely give it away before I move but I wanted to see how big of a mirror I want for the new place. I think I need a bigger one than this perhaps. Also I looks a little silly on the stool but I can’t hang it because the wall behind it is cement 😆

2021-01-13, 20:49

Nice apartment. I like that you keep it light and leave space unoccupied. The living room table looks like it’s from the 50s. Åsa had an apartment all furnished with 50s things when we met. 🙂 

There are hooks with super strong adhesive that I think could carry the weight of the mirror, unless it’s heavier than it looks.

Are you moving to get a larger or smaller space?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-01-14, 08:06

Thank you. I’m taking Pinterest inspiration haha. I’ve come to realize I want a more minimalist apartment interior since a lot of stuff sort of stresses me out. 😆 my next project is to find a solution for the bottom shelf of the bookshelf, which has all of the alcohol. I think when we move we will need a small bartending station of some sort. It’s from ikea but someone told me it’s a copy of a famous designer table. We will likely be moving to a smaller place since we will be buying it and apartments are so expensive in Stockholm. I ended up hanging the white one on the wall that is not seen in these photos. Opposite from the mirror photo. That one had a smaller mirror hanging on it already, so they switched places. But yes these mirrors are extremely heavy. Oddly the bigger one is much lighter than the smaller one.

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