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2018-04-05, 19:50

The Trendiest Houseplants on Social Media

Houseplant communities on social media have flourished! It's become popular to take photos of your plants and share them with the world. So, which houseplants get the most likes? Usually, the trendier the plant, the more love it gets.


Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea peperomiodes, otherwise known as Chinese Monkey plants or even Elephant Ears, are loved for their characteristic cute round leaves. They are easy to care for and easy to propagate. 

The #pileapeperomioides has over 226,000 posts on Instagram. 

Peperomia Argyreia

Peperomia Argyreia are more popularly known as Watermelon Peperomia. They are also adored for their characteristic leaves which look like mini watermelons. 

Watermelon Peperomia are very similar to Pilea Peperomiodes. They are easy to care for and propagate. Instagram plant lovers have started to drift their admiration away from the regular ol' Pilea Peperomiodes to the Watermelon Peperomiodes. In fact, because the Pilea Peperomiodes have become so popular, people have started to reject them as 'cool'. In the US, where they are much less available in plant nurseries, they go for up to $45 a plant. Whereas, in Europe, this plant usually only costs about $10. 

The #watermelonpeperomia has only 15,000 posts on Instagram, but it is sure to be a rising star. 

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Monstera Deliciosa 

The classic mother monstera will always continue to be a favourite on social media. We are reminded of it every Monday morning with the users posting images of their Monsteras and #monsteramonday. It is easy to care for and propagate in water.

The #monsteradeliciosa has a whopping 764, 563 posts on Instagram. 

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Monstera Adanosonii

While the Monstera Deliciosa will always be a favourite, the mini Swiss Cheese plant, otherwise known as Monstera Adanosanii, is becoming just as popular. This plant is often mistaken as the Monstera Obliqua, however. The Obliqua is a very rare and fragile Monstera which does not survive easily in households like its sister lookalikes - the Monstera Adansonii and Monstera Acuminata. 

The #monsteradansonii has 14, 052 posts on Instagram. 

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma is also known as Mini Monstera or Mini Ginny. Despite the nickname, Mini Monstera, this plant is actually not a Monstera at all. Although it resembles the infant stages of a Monster Deliciosa and grows similar to it as well. 

The #rhaphidophoratetrasperma has only 740 posts on Instagram, but it is gaining worldwide popularity. 

Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata is popularly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig and is admired for its huge leafs. However, this plant is notoriously fickle and hard for most household growers to care for.  Many Instagramers are growing tired of this beauty and finding it to be a bit overrated. Despite this, I keep buying a new one every year in hopes that I won't kill it. 

The #fiddleleaffig has a staggering total of 78, 138 posts on Instagram.

Ficus Benghalensis

Ficus Benghalensis is also called Ficus Audrey. It is becoming the new 'it' ficus tree to have for your home! It is much easier to care for and just as beautiful as the Ficus Lyrata. 

The #ficusbenghalensis has just 5,605 posts on Instagram 

Epiphyllem Anguliger

Epiphyllem Anguliger is more commonly known as the Fishbone plant. It is a succulent which grows in the shade of other plants in the wild. It is adorable and many believe this plant brings good luck! 

The #epiphyllemanguliger has almost 2,000 posts. 

Have I missed any plants that you have seen trending on social media? Share them with us down below! 

2018-04-05, 21:57

Out of these I love the Monstera Adanosonii! I wasn't surprised to see it was the most popular!

2018-04-06, 10:01

That fishbone plant looks really cool.

Happy creating!


Host of Paints and Crafts

2018-04-06, 11:23

Yes, the fishbone plant is on my wish list! The problem is that it is expensive here in Stockholm since everyone wants it. I am going to try to find a cheap cutting.

2018-04-06, 11:52

#1 Jordan, that one is easily a favourite of mine!

2018-04-09, 16:39

I always see the Monstera Deliciosa sneaking into the background of my favourite blogger's pictures and youtube videos!

All the best, Leia

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