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2021-02-23, 14:17

Less expensive Valentine’s Day bouquet

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My boyfriend and I normally give each other chocolate on Valentine’s Day. This year, we were out shopping in the city and he asked me to pick out some flowers. But, holy moly, I didn’t realize red roses were just SO expensive on Valentine’s Day. They were around 50 euros or more for just 5 roses at all the flower shops we stopped at. I noticed that at all the places, it was only the red roses that were priced high. I ended up picking out these two pink roses and one red rose with some other little flowers to make a bouquet. It turned out to be less expensive and I just love this color of pink. 💗

2021-02-24, 09:21

They go well with the ”new” candlestick. 😀

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-02-24, 11:37

Yes it sure does! I had to stop by Flying Tiger to get a matching candle 🙂

2021-02-24, 16:47

So beautiful! I think you should paint that picture!

Happy creating!


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