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2022-03-16, 17:04

The most rewarding vegetable to grow

Which vegetable do you think gives the most back from the work of growing it?

[Photo by Nadine Primeau at Unsplash]

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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2022-03-16, 17:06

Cucumbers or pumpkins. But I haven't grown those since living in California. More recently, though I would say cherry tomatos and bell pepper.

Marinas Mix
2022-03-17, 20:42

Not a vegetable. I love the berries I grow most.

Hostess at Bead Craft

2022-03-21, 14:35

#2: True! I love to grow strawberries. I get so excited every time a new berry grows.

Marinas Mix
2022-03-21, 21:09

I had some pineberryplants many years ago. They gave white strawberries with a taste of pineapple.

Hostess at Bead Craft

2022-03-22, 09:05

I have never heard of those before. Where did you buy the plants from?

Marinas Mix
2022-03-22, 09:19

they had them at many years ago. They don´t have them now😥
Now I just had to google it, because I want them again. I found them here:

Hostess at Bead Craft

Sen sort med små, runda och genomfärgade, vita bär med relativt låg skörd. Smaken är mild och söt med en aromatisk doft. Bären rodnar lätt i rosa på solsidan. De C-vitaminrika bären är jättegoda att äta …
2022-03-22, 14:11

Oh super! Thanks

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