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2022-03-24, 13:25

Week 3: Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

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We are on day 22 of our kitchen gardening adventure.

The lettuce will be ready to harvest in 2 weeks, the basil is getting its first big leaves, and the tomato plants looks pretty good!

I’m impressed 😁

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Marinas Mix
2022-03-24, 14:01

Looks very good.

Hostess at Bead Craft

Marinas Mix
2022-03-25, 10:24

Just curious. Do the cats leave it alone? My little rascal is very interested in what´s happening in our kitchen window.

Hostess at Bead Craft

2022-03-25, 13:29

Surprisely yes. They don’t seem interested in it at all. The window sill is full so they have no way to jump up to nibble on it. Usually, Louis tries to eat the cilantro plants but she hasn’t realized I have cilantro in the window sill yet 😅. They are just the plants that you get from the grocery store. I try to keep them alive for a bit sitting in cups of water.

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