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2022-04-05, 10:09

Week 5: Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

It has now been (almost) 5 weeks, 34 days to be exact, with my little kitchen garden.

One is able to either harvest the outer lettuce leaves at this stage or harvest all at once (but then you need to remove the pods and plant new pods). I chose to harvest slowly because I want to get all I can from the pods.

The basil is almost ready to start harvesting. They say to harvest the tops as you go. They can stay in the garden until day 83.

The tomatoes are growing happily! As you can see is has snowed again (in April!) so I have to wait awhile to plant them out on the balcony.

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Marinas Mix
2022-04-05, 15:29

Looking great. Envious your tomatoes looks so much better than mine.
It´s snowing here right now and I feel so sad for my rhubarbplant on the balcony.😭🥶

Hostess at Bead Craft

2022-04-07, 17:57

Oh no! I hope the minus degree weather ends soon. I am surprised by how well they are doing. I have always managed to kill mine before they produce fruit. But these ones are already forming flower buds. Hoping they continue to survive!

2022-04-11, 14:42

#0: It can get below zero during the nights until the beginning of June in the Stockholm area, but it probably is a little sheltered on your balcony. 🙂

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2022-04-14, 12:17

I will wait until at least mid June to transfer them outside 🙂 to be sure

Marinas Mix
2022-04-14, 12:24

If it is a sunny warm day I take my plants out in the morning, and then they get to come in when the sun goes down.

Hostess at Bead Craft

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