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Marinas Mix
2022-04-07, 12:49

New pots for the concrete garden

Was out and about yesterday and looked for some bigger pots to my little concretegarden.
I´m kind of thorn between buying plastic pots or terracotta/ ceramic pots.
The plastic ones are cheaper and lighter= easier to move around
Terracotta/ceramic are heavier = harder to move around, if yo don`t buy small flowertrays on wheels= expensive
But the teracotta/ ceramic pots comes in many different colors and patterns, so it will make the place cosier
At the same time I saw a lot of plasticpots, that didn´t look plastic
And then I found this that I just need to buy for the tomatoes
Well it´s sold out there for the moment, but it´s not like my tomatoes are ready to move out in the garden yet.

What are your preferences for pots?

Hostess at Bead Craft

Odlingskruka med självbevattnande underdel och hög spaljé – perfekt för tomatplantor! Tillverkad av plast.
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