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2022-04-14, 12:23

Week 6: Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

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I sowed 3 rainbow chard pods 7 days ago and 3 poblano chilis (in experimental pods) 3 days ago.

I transferred the three basil pods into a medium sized pot and placed it in my sunniest window. It can live for up to a year

The tomato plants are on day 43 (out of 127 day lifetime). Soon, I will transfer the mini tomato plants to pots and place them in two mini greenhouses I thrifted last week. And I will be placing these in another sunny window until mid June when I transfer them out onto the balcony in the greenhouses, which will get full sun most summer days until they stop blooming and it is time to retire them. They started blooming so soon I will pollinate them with a small painting brush.

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2022-04-18, 19:42

What does experimental pods mean?

Best regards, Niklas ๐ŸŽˆ

2022-04-24, 17:22

They are soil pods without seeds. You can add your own seeds to them.

2022-04-25, 10:40

Okay. Can you reuse them by putting your own soil in them?

Best regards, Niklas ๐ŸŽˆ

2022-04-26, 12:02

I've seen people try on Reddit, but they are not as successful as the click and grow pods. They are made in a certain way with inspiration from NASA technology so the pods are really quite unique. Their soil, I think, is key.

2022-04-27, 20:44


Best regards, Niklas ๐ŸŽˆ

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