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2022-06-17, 09:26

My cozy little balcony garden

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I just bought two new hanging pots for my balcony from HM home. My old one was far too big for the way this balcony is with its railing so I donated it. I chose two smaller pots as I found one large one to be difficult to manage when changing the soil etc.

I bought begonias for the first time with a few different variations, two hanging types and some small summer ones. I ordered them in the mail and the small ones had lost all of their flowers in the transport so I’m hoping they will grow again soon. Anyone have any tips for taking care of them?

I realized I didn’t order enough flowers so I bought the two daisy types of flowers to give the assortment some height variation in the pots to make them more interesting. Some petals fell off while walking home 🙈

I moved all of my click and grow vegetables and herbs outside, except for the basil.

And lastly, I just finished assembling a screen door to keep the cats inside and the bugs outside. Our apartment gets very hot if the door is not opened to let in fresh air. I bought this door from Amazon for 600kr. I had some quotes from some local places to install a door for 3-5000kr. Since the building says this fall they are going to install new windows we just didn’t want to spend that money if they are going to change everything anyway. So this is a temporary solution.

However, it says it takes 60 min to assemble but it took roughly 8 hrs lol. It was difficult to do since their is a lot of sawing and drilling holes in the metal frame. I would honestly happily pay 3000kr to never have to go through that experience again! Also it feels pretty unstable. The reason I think, is that the door is very tall and it just needs some added Support somehow. It’s a bit wobbly. Lastly, I got this because I wanted to keep the cats out of the balcony. Their is a magnet at the top and at the bottom of the door, which works for now since the cats are not too interested in going outside since they associate it with being put on a leash. But they could manage to open the door if they really wanted to (like if a bird was on the balcony). So we are looking into installing more magnets. 😆 and we are using the screen that the door came with. But I found a pet safe roll of screen from another company that I will order since that seems probably safer.

Marinas Mix
2022-06-17, 10:20

Lovely little garden.
Have you thought about going vertical with the plants?
I´m considering that for my little concrete garden and this is what I have in mind:

Hostess at Bead Craft

Med Stapelbara krukan Felicia kan planteringar byggas på höjden. Krukan är i plast med tre sektioner. Upp till tre krukor kan staplas på höjden för en grann, vertikal plantering. Diameter: 38 cm.
2022-06-17, 10:35

I have thought about this! My only worry is that our balcony catches a lot of wind since its on the sixth, technically 8th floor. Everything needs to be really secure so it doesnt fall over.

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