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2023-03-01, 15:54

I finally got an allotment(community garden)!

I have been waiting years and years and I finally got my hands on a piece of land to grow stuff!

  1. I found this growing calendar for Stockholm. Do you have any other recommendations that outline when to sow and plant outside?

  2. What should I plant and what's good to grow (or not grow) in Stockholm?

I know I want to grow tomatillos, yellow cucumber, poblano peppers, some flowers and berries.

Odlingskalender för Stockholm med datum för när det är dags att förså och plantera ut grönsaker som tomater, gurka, sallad och bönor och andra växter. Utgår från sista frostdatum i Stockholm.
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Marinas Mix
2023-03-02, 07:46

Some potatoes?Rhubarbs?

Hostess at Bead Craft

2023-03-02, 09:10

Rhubarb is a good idea! I thought about potatoes but I don’t think I’ll do it since I rarely eat them. But we’ll see 😁

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