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2023-03-06, 13:20

A year or so later: Click and Grow review

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I’m still growing with my click and grow! I hope one day I can invest in a 75 unit stack that they released not too long ago.

I have found herbs to grow the best, except for chives and cilantro as they just grow too few to be worth it.

I’ve only tried growing the snapdragon and it was successful. Have yet to try the others.

Leafy greens:
The oak leaf lettuce and similar grow well. The romaine is a hit or miss (half the time they don’t germinate). I think chard, sorrel, baby kale and similar are not worth to grow with click and grow. It’s not cost effective as the harvest is so small. The bok choy grows well.

Cherry tomatoes grow fairly well and although fun, it’s not cost effective as you get so few tomatoes. Germinating seeds such as peppers and paprika works really well with the “grow anything” soil. I do this and then transplant them outside. I haven’t tried the other fruiting ones as I feel they won’t be price effective.

Overall, I think it’s perfect for growing herbs year round. I think for it to be worth growing lettuce, you would need the bigger unit with 25 cups and then you can stack at most three units which would be 75. This would be expensive, but could be worth it.

I personally would want to get 75 to Germinate plants to be able to transfer them outside in the spring and fall, while also have some lettuce and herbs growing year round as well.

I am also happy with my little 9 unit garden though, as it’s able to grow herbs so well that I can eat them all. I started drying them and adding them to my spice rack. I haven’t had to buy herb spices at all.

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