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2023-05-26, 11:30

Herb saver

I bought some of these containers to keep herbs from in the fridge!

I buy quite a lot of fresh herbs despite have the Smart Garden 9 in my window sill. This is mostly because I love cilantro and use it all the time. However, the cilantro pods doesn't grow well and it provides a rather disappointing yield.

Cilantro left on the counter gets eaten up by one of my cats even though she isn't allowed to have it or it dies before me or her get the chance to eat it all.

I hope this solution works. You put some fresh water in the bottom everyday to keep it fresh. You can also put fresh cut herbs as well - I have some fresh cut parsley in one now.

The Herb Saver from Prepara is supposed to make your herbs last for 3 extra weeks. We'll see how it goes - even though I usually eat the herbs within a week or so.

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