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2023-05-26, 11:37

It's almost time to transplant my post-freeze tolerant seedlings outside

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Here they are!

I will be transplanting them within a week or so once the night time temperatures are at least 10 degrees C.

I will use plastic to cover the three beds that I will transplant these plants too which will keep the temperature higher just in case since I am not going to harden them off technically since my windows are being changed and I can't access my balcony for the next few weeks.

Wish me luck that they stay alive!

I also sowed some violets in the small containers for the garden.

I also planted some iris bulbs, a summer begonia as well as a Dahlia. I'll put the bulb and tuber flowers on my balcony once they finish in late June. These are in the clay pots which are starting to pop up.

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