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Can you grow raspberries in a pot?

2017-05-30 18:48 #0 by: Niklas

If you have a big pot, can you grow raspberries, blackberries and such indoor? Or do they need more sun than you normally get in a window?

I'm not sure that berries are considered a fruit but move this post to another category if it's wrong.

2017-05-30 19:42 #1 by: Evelina

For raspberries, and blackberries, you can grow them in a larger sized pot. At least 30-40cm wide and deep. Since these plants normally grow as bushes, it is necessary to use a trellis or something similar.

Its best to grow these at the start of spring through the summer, on the balcony with natural sun or near a very sunny window. If you don't have a window that gets plenty of direct sunlight, then I would supplement with additional artificial light. 

The other thing about growing these indoors it that you will have to self pollinate the blossoms. You can do this by hand with a q-tip or small paintbrush.  Move pollen from the stamen to the female stigma located in the center of the flower. Repeat several times for each blossom. 

Alternatively, move the plant outside on sunny days so that bees can do this for you. 

Fertilize monthly. Water frequently. After the season trim back to 45 cm in order to preserve for next season. 

2017-05-30 20:10 #2 by: Niklas

Thank you! I hadn't even thought of pollination. That's nothing you have to do with regular indoor plants. Good tip to place them outdoor for a day or so. :-)

2017-05-30 20:13 #3 by: Evelina

Yeah pollination can be an issue sometimes, I like to leave that up to nature. Glad


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