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Krukväxter iFokus

2017-08-09 07:00 #0 by: Evelina

Check out Ylvala's Krukväxter community on Savvity's swedish sister website iFokus.se! 

She has a super neat community. Even if you don't know Swedish the pictures are really nice to look at! Laughing

2017-08-09 12:27 #1 by: ylvala

Ohh thank you! Your communtiy is really nice too! :D

2017-08-09 16:28 #2 by: Evelina

Thanks! 😄 Your community deserves some more readers and community members!

2017-08-09 19:10 #3 by: ylvala

Hopefully it becomes "official" soon. And easier for people to find it! Thumbs up

2017-08-10 08:55 #4 by: Niklas

#3: It won't be long now.


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