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2018-07-11 22:34 #0 by: mellebelleee

Hey! I hope it's ok for admin that I post this.

I will go on a road trip from Sweden 23 July.
I am looking for lovely coleus plants/cuttings to buy on the road. Or if you know a flower shop that has beautiful coleus?

We will pass the following countries and cities.
Denmark, Red village
Germany, Berlin
Poland, oświęcim
Czech Republic, Prague
Austria, Salzburg
Germany, Berchtedgaden
Maybe Switzerland, Zurich
France, Paris

we drive through more cities too!

If you have coleus plants to sell to me please write here or send a message! :)

Melissa 🌸

2018-07-12 01:14 #1 by: Evelina

Oh of course, that’s awesome! I have been on vacation so I dont have any cuttings available at the moment. I have found various ones off of Facebook groups and off of Tradera. Sometimes at random boutiques around Stockholm too. 😊 Good luck and have fun on your vacation!


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